New Apartment Building Nears Landmarks Approval At 906 Prospect Place, Crown Heights

As for the proposed new building, Dierickx said it would be a “contextual brick and limestone building.” Additionally, there would be a projecting bay that runs along the center of the façade from the fourth floor down to the second floor, and then shrinking to only the entrance on the ground floor. The ground floor would also feature a garage entrance. In fact, the building wouldn’t take up the entire lot as there would be parking for 10 cars in the back. YIMBY reported in July that filings called for the development to have 20 apartments spread over 22,040 square feet. That would mean an average unit size of 1,100 square feet. Srinivasan said that, in general, the proposal to infill the lot with a streetwall building is “positive.” Commissioner Frederick Bland said the proposal was a “very contextual response.”
The only piece of public testimony came from the Historic Districts Council. “Overall, the new construction is sensitive to the Crown Heights North neighborhood. Its mass is broken up to recall the scale of neighboring rowhouses, and the punched openings and presence of a cornice are nice touches,” said HDC’s Kelly Carroll. “As a final touch, HDC suggests lengthening the windows in the rusticated base, which would make this building appear all the more stately and be referential to the window dimensions above and on the street.” Where does this leave the applicant? It’s quite likely that that proposal will receive approval from the commission.