These Are the Luxe New Developments Coming to Brooklyn

The most new and noteworthy developments coming to Brooklyn.

Has Brooklyn peaked? Not by a long shot, judging by the influx of high-end residential development. “In general, what’s coming on the market now is a more sophisticated product,” Brendan Aguayo told the Observer. “It’s trying to introduce a higher caliber product, and these new units are a bit larger than what’s typically found in the Brooklyn market.” For Aguayo, there’s only one neighborhood in Brooklyn that’s going to see a larger number of foreign residents.
“In downtown Brooklyn, we do see a heavy contingent of foreign buyers—either as a pied-à-terre, investment or for their kids,” he noted. “From an outside perspective, downtown Brooklyn is becoming a 24-hour live-and-work neighborhood, which is seen as very sexy.”

Most of Brooklyn, however, will continue to attract Manhattanites and those who already reside in the area. “The rest is about the local neighborhood, the streets, the texture of the blocks,” he said. “Being in a quainter, quieter neighborhood, as New Yorkers and Brooklynites, is more appealing.”

The Hendrik

Six-story condo designed by architecture firm Beyer Blinder Belle. Thirty-three units, ranging from two to four bedrooms. Apartments from 1,200 square feet to over 2,500 square feet, and many have terraces. Amenities include landscaped rooftop terrace, fitness center, residents lounge, library, pet spa and bike and stroller storage. Expected occupancy fall 2017.

Developer: Hopestreet
Sales and marketing: Halstead Property Development Marketing
Pricing: $1.625 million to $4 million
Website: thehendrik.com